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At CDS Lighting Studio we love helping showrooms and designers help their customers replace their boring cookie cutter lights, which are probably the same as their neighbors, and personalize their home with a look that is of their own. Customers can select from the lights that we have on our site or may choose their design, the style of the shape they want the design to go on and any one of our colors to have the light finished. CDS Lighting Studio started out with southwest style lighting, such as the Kokopelli and petroglyph sun, for the walls, but offers so much more now. Our lighting store started with custom wall sconces for the outdoors and indoors and has expanded to making hanging pendants and flush mount ceiling fixtures too. We offer numerous wall sconce and ceiling light shapes, as well as a variety of designs from southwest to nautical to contemporary that you won’t find anywhere else. And yes, we take great pride in our work! CDS Lighting Studio also makes custom designs for showroom customers and interior designers who want their own brand or feature for their home or business.

With over 100 designs to choose from in our posted and private collection, we also offer 40 colors from our color chart for you to choose from. CDS Lighting Studio does not do just southwest. The beauty of our ceramic lighting is that you can have all the lights surrounding your home or business with one contemporary style that has a gorgeous Antique Copper finish and create a theme with southwest style, in a Terracotta finish, for the inside. The alluring quality of our lighting is that our company will create a look that is of your own without the possibility of your neighbors having the same lights. All of this and a light that resembles metal lighting with metallic finishes such as Antique Copper, Pewter or Anodized Bronze. We also offer a natural look with colors that complement any stucco finish.

CDS Lighting Studio started making lights with only southwest designs, but when customers asked if we could make a Harlequin design or a Celtic knot, we obliged. Our company sells lighting from coast to coast, as far north as Alaska and as far south as the US Virgin Islands.

Since our lights are ceramic, poured with a solid thickness and fired in a kiln to 1945 degrees Fahrenheit, they are very durable. Our customers have given us testimony of their lights making it through nickel and quarter size hail, 120 degree heat and 30 degree below “0” temperatures. So to say the least, our lights can withstand extreme conditions and climates, while maintaining beauty that you expect for years.


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We take great pride in our work!

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